I don’t quite understand how these food trends rise and fall. I mean donuts have been around forever. And they have always been widely regarded as delicious. But why are they suddenly “trendy”? Was I born before my time by appreciating donuts too early? I am not a trendsetter. I’m not even a trendfollower. I am a trendlaggard. I don’t notice that it’s trending until it’s on its way down. So it will be no surprise to you that donuts are apparently hip now. I myself only put the pieces together a few weeks ago.

In recognition of this newfound knowledge, I decided to try my hand at it. I found the most pinteresting looking recipe that I could and broke out my mostly neglected donut pan. I chose the cake donut route because who has time to wait for yeast to rise and heat up a vat of oil. Not me that’s who. And I settled on Coconut Raspberry donuts that came from The Sweet and Simple Kitchen.

Donuts have essentially replaced the cupcake, though one could argue that they are basically an O shaped interpretation of the exact same thing. I think I prefer this craze because it somehow seems less snooty. Having said all this, I lean towards enjoying these donuts as dessert rather than breakfast but I’m happy to admit that I did both.

Decorating was the best part. I chose to use raspberries, coconut flakes, sprinkles, and lemon zest and any number of combinations of those things.

Join the donut renaissance in your own kitchen! Try this recipe exactly and you won’t regret it!