I have to say I have enjoyed this era of subscription services. Mostly because of the sweet deals you can score by starting them and then canceling them. They believe that if you start a subscription, they have a better shot of turning you into a paying customer. So they all offer half off or more to get you to try it.

I am the queen of cancelling subscriptions because the deal is worth it to me and I haven’t found one subscription that I believe is worth the price, save one. And this isn’t it. That’s for another day.

Today, let’s talk about my most recent experiment, Daily Harvest. This is a smoothie subscription service. It’s very customizable, you can design the exact shipment that you want. To start you can get 3 smoothies free, which is half off. A shipment of 6 smoothies per week normally costs $48. Which in my opinion is outrageous. But 6 smoothes for $24 is reasonable and so I tried it out.

Like all the great subscription services these days, they come in super cute packaging. It also came with cute little magnets! So they started off strong.

The smoothies come frozen in individual cups. You fill the cup with your choice of liquid (they have recommendations for each one), you dump the whole thing in the blender, blend, and then dump back into the cup. So minimal cleanup as well.

Best Smoothie: Mint + Cacao was by far my favorite. I used coconut milk as my base and it was just overall very enjoyable.

Worst Smoothie: I was highly disappointed by the Acai + Cherry. This smoothie did not do a good job of hiding the kale. Kale bits = not good.

Should you buy this service?┬áDo you think $8/smoothie is reasonable? Well I certainly don’t so I would say no. But you SHOULD try it for one week and then cancel with no qualms whatsoever. Pro tip: in about 3-4 months they will probably send an email that says “We miss you!” and offer you 50% off again.