I have decided to rethink the narrative of my life as the search for the perfect beach. That’s what it is all about. Some people try to find a more altruistic purpose, but I think my cause is as worthy as any given that one day we’ll all be dead and none of this will matter. (this is a great beach read by the way).

It’s not practical nor would it be enjoyable to go from beach to beach, week after week, month after month. It would cost a fortune and it would probably lose its appeal. Which is why my quest spans across years and countries and eventually continents. The quest requires funding which is why I have a job. The quest requires effort. The quest requires time. So when I hit low points of existential crisis I can battle it with a steadfast belief that my purpose is to find the perfect beach. And I shan’t rest until I do.

My quest begins henceforth with Eden Roc Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic.

The perfect beach should have exceptional guest rooms. Eden Roc’s overall aesthetic is different from other resorts I’ve been to. It’s kind of like living in a cute little village. The color-blocked lanes, vine covered trellises, and individual golf carts parked outside of each villa make you feel like you’re in some kind of fairy land suburbia. Our little cottage was green.

The rooms were beautiful, bright, and well appointed. Vaulted ceilings bathed in light. Sliding doors opening into a private backyard and pool. Marble covered master bath with olympic-pool-sized bathtub and both indoor and outdoor showers.

The perfect beach should be utterly relaxing. The property itself was remote. Surrounded by an elite golf course, there’s really nothing else around. Not only that but the resort itself was eerily devoid of people. Which when you’re looking for some serious r&r is a perk in my book.

We drove our golfcart to the beach clubhouse everyday where we enjoyed reservation-less cabanas, a beautiful private beach, beachside service throughout the day. Ice chilled bottled water was complimentary as were some beachside snacks if you hung around long enough. The staff’s perpetual battle with seaweed keeps the sand nice and clean, and the water is sparkling blue and marvelous.

The perfect beach should have fantastic food. Unfortunately Eden Roc does not. There were three restaurants on the property and we really only liked one of them which was, to our surprise, a japanese-dominican fusion restaurant (Blue Grill).

And so the quest continues. While Eden Roc is a place I would return to again (though I would venture off property for better food), that elusive perfect beach is yet still out there to be found.