Happy Saturday! A couple of weeks ago I posted a list of beautiful things on the internet that I found and couldn’t stop thinking about. At the time I felt like I had to have these things! Looking back I realize that most desires are fleeting.

Thou shalt not covet.

Here are this week’s beautiful things that I will release into the world and hopefully not want anymore next week!

  1. Sorel Boots – never heard of this brand before but I love these boots! and heading into fall, these are a must have, right?

  2. quip toothbrush – making buying dentail hygiene products fun! This is actually more of a need than I want, but look how cool and sleek this toothbrush is!

  3. pbteen Emil & Meritt collection – I never even knew this teen line from pottery barn existed. Look how adorable this cat backpack is. And I have no immediate use for a teepee, but it’s so pretty!

  4. Clarity Clutch from Truffle – love the minimalist look.

  5. Yogascapes – how awesome would it be to go to a beautiful serene location and just focus on yourself and do yoga?