Black Friday means deals! But I prefer to think that it means gifts and happiness for your loved ones that causes a smaller dent in your wallet than it normally would. It can be difficult to resist the temptations of Black Friday. 25% off? But that stuff never goes on sale! I know, I feel it too. But sometimes I find the best way to get a little retail therapy without the guilt is to buy things for others. At the same time, I find that a really great inspiration when you have gifter’s block is to draw on things that you want or enjoy yourself. Here’s my holiday inspiration this year!


christmas list

  1. Framebridge – full review coming soon but I can’t say enough good things about this service. I call it a service rather than a product because they handle everything. The quality is unbelievable and there’s something very personal about giving a photo.
  2. Stella & Dot smoky studs – Because clear is boring! This brand is somewhat of a new jewelry craze that’s going around my little suburban world. I didn’t think much of it until I looked at their stuff – so cute!
  3. Glossier Phase 2 set– I like disruptors and glossier is disrupting the beauty business. I love this set which includes a lip color, concealer, and brow shade – the foundation of a perfect no-fuss look. Great gift for a girlfriend or sister.
  4. TRNK mug set – I so want all of this black fluted dinnerware but the mug set seems perfect for a hot cup of cocoa.
  5. Lula’s Garden – so I’m a little obsessed with succulents. They are so freakin cute! But the entire idea of this website that ships pre-made tabletop gardens in adorable packaging is too precious for me to bear.
  6. W&P Design pineapple tumbler – For the entertainer in your life, these would certainly make a statement at their next get together.
  7. One Hope Sparkle Champagne – Give some bubbles and give back too! For every bottle you buy, you are also providing 15 meals to a child in need.
  8. Etsy Bulbasaur Planter – This one needs no explanation.
  9. Montiel Activewear – With the barrage of activewear brands lately, it is difficult to stand out. The fitness buff in your circle of friends would appreciate these beautiful pieces.
  10. Masterclass – I am personally so excited about this. Instructors range from Kevin Spacey to Christina Aguillera to Gordon Ramsay. Experiences can be a unique and lasting gift.
  11. Daily Harvest – Subscription services are the new hot thing so I’ll end with two of them. This one sends you fresh produce to blend your own smoothies.
  12. Moustache Coffee Club – for the coffee snob, this subscription is excellent. I can speak from personal experience. I’ve had two shipments so far and it has far surpassed the beans I’ve tried to get on my own.


Now it’s time to get serious. If you have some cash to spend this holiday season or someone special is long overdue for something BIG, take a look at these epic finds.

christmas list extreme

  1. Ritchie Ace Camps – Want to give the gift of a lifetime? These camps allow you to travel the world and learn amazing new things in small manageable groups. I particularly want to go on the Iceland Nature and Food excursion!
  2. Audrey Rose Jewelry – Want to give diamonds but your girl has a unique and non-conventional sense of style? These pieces have a raw and feminine beauty. I want them all.
  3. Canon EOS Rebel – A good camera can make a huge difference. My husband is the photographer of the family and he recommended this one as a good starter DSLR for the money. At the moment you can get it for $799 ($400 off) from B&H photo and if you live outside of New York, it’s tax-free!