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Weekend List: Christmas Shopping Edition

Black Friday means deals! But I prefer to think that it means gifts and happiness for your loved ones that causes a smaller dent in your wallet than it normally would. It can be difficult to resist the temptations of Black Friday. 25% off? But that stuff never goes on sale! I know, I feel it too. But sometimes I find the best way to get a little retail therapy without the guilt is to buy things for others. At the same time, I find that a really great inspiration when you have gifter’s block is to draw on things that you want or enjoy yourself. Here’s my holiday inspiration this year!
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Weekend List: 9.25.16

It’s been a few weeks since I posted awesome things around the internet so I have some good ones saved up.

  1. Kamila Dmowska T-Shirt Dress – I wish I could throw on one article of clothing and look beautiful and chic. And while we’re wishing for things, I wish I could afford this dress.
  2. Sonos sound system – Oops I actually bought this one. I couldn’t help it! So far we’re starting with the playbar and then we’ll build on the system on the future.
  3. Drift and Ambrosia Magazines – these sister magazines, focusing on coffee and food respectively, are owned by a husband and wife team. They look beautiful.
  4. The Pearl by Lo & Sons – their facebook ad really got me. And I think it would go beautifully with the Kamila Dmowska dress listed above.
  5. Float Frame by Artifact Uprising – as the house is coming together, it’s time to start covering those blank white walls!


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Weekend List

Happy Saturday! A couple of weeks ago I posted a list of beautiful things on the internet that I found and couldn’t stop thinking about. At the time I felt like I had to have these things! Looking back I realize that most desires are fleeting.

Thou shalt not covet.

Here are this week’s beautiful things that I will release into the world and hopefully not want anymore next week!

  1. Sorel Boots – never heard of this brand before but I love these boots! and heading into fall, these are a must have, right?

  2. quip toothbrush – making buying dentail hygiene products fun! This is actually more of a need than I want, but look how cool and sleek this toothbrush is!

  3. pbteen Emil & Meritt collection – I never even knew this teen line from pottery barn existed. Look how adorable this cat backpack is. And I have no immediate use for a teepee, but it’s so pretty!

  4. Clarity Clutch from Truffle – love the minimalist look.

  5. Yogascapes – how awesome would it be to go to a beautiful serene location and just focus on yourself and do yoga?


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First Weekend List

Each night and weekend in my free time, I have taken to sitting on the couch with my husband and surfing the web on my ipad. It’s a fairly erratic series of clicks between pinterest, facebook, a series of shopping apps, a handful of blogs, and any links that cross my path in between. With all the hours of clicking, what a shame for that to go to waste!

Here is a list of this weeks findings of amazing things that I will temporarily yearn for, decide are not worth the money, and then eventually forget about:

  1. Beautiful vases from Canvas home.

  2. The Minimalist Watch by Original Grain. I don’t even wear watches! Why do I want this???

  3. perfect Carry-on by Arlo Skye.

  4. Bralette from Lively

  5. Completely out of stock ridiculously cute lipstick by Kailijumei.

Full disclosure, more than one of these things came from my Facebook targeted ads. To all the people selling things out there, I am extremely susceptible to marketing of any kind. Just as an indication, I started buying that blue bunny ice cream right after that huge tv campaign started. Yum!