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The Hampstead Guide

I lived in Hampstead for a year. One glorious year. And I still live in close proximity to the Heath and Hampstead Village so I think it’s finally time for me to publish my thoughts on the food up for offer in Hampstead.

In fact, Hampstead holds some of the most restaurants in London that I would actually return to voluntarily. I’ve written about Hampstead before. How perfect it is in every way. If you find yourself in this magical corner of London, this is my top hit list for food.

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The London Tour Continues

For my readers, the dozens of you (Dozens!) that enjoyed my London Walking Tour post, this is the next chapter in that series. I anticipate it being a never-ending series as I can’t imagine a day where the pleasures of London have all been discovered. This time, my walk brought me along the North Bank of the Thames as I made my pilgrimage to Hyde Park. Let’s explore some of the sights along the way.
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