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And Now My Watch Begins

The first time I wrote about a watch was in 2017 when I was gifted an apple watch and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. Four years later, I barely recognise my 2017 self. I became serious about watches around a year or so later. I can’t say how or why but all of the sudden I realised that they were a fascinating feat of engineering. You might even conclude that having the miniature mobile phone strapped to my wrist was what made the mechanical watches even more fascinating. I am no longer impressed by how small apple can make a mobile phone. Or how big they can make the screen.

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My New Favorite Water Bottle

Let me make this really short. Believe it or not water bottles are in right now. Along with yoga and fitness and dietary restrictions. I first saw the BKR water bottle on where most things are wildly expensive and pretentious. Then I saw it at Neimen’s, much of the same. And then I saw someone with one at yoga. So I had to have one. Usually by the time products make it to me they aren’t “trending” anymore. The trend has already happened and now they are mainstream. Which I suspect is the case with the BKR water bottle.
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A Gadget I Never Knew I Needed: The Apple Watch

I work in the tech industry but I would consider myself a slow adopter of new technologies. I like physical books with pages and I don’t really understand twitter. My first thought when apple comes out with a new product is skepticism. Why would somebody need something like that? It turns out that the Apple Watch was what my wrist didn’t even know it was missing.

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My New Favorite Sheets: Parachute Review

New house. New bed. New sheets! As all things and industries are being disrupted, so is the sheets industry. Companies like brooklinen and parachute are making high quality household items simple and reasonably priced. You might scoff at the $320 price tag for a set of sheets, pillow cases, and duvet cover, but you would be surprised at the the range when it comes to luxury textiles.
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