I work in the tech industry but I would consider myself a slow adopter of new technologies. I like physical books with pages and I don’t really understand twitter. My first thought when apple comes out with a new product is skepticism. Why would somebody need something like that? It turns out that the Apple Watch was what my wrist didn’t even know it was missing.

Let’s start with the absolute basics. How freeing is it to have something that tells the time on your wrist instead of your phone? I have never been a watch wearer. For whatever reason, I could never get myself into the habit. But the apple watch is clean and comfortable and fits my casual style, so I enjoy putting it on every morning.

Next for the more advanced benefits. Activity tracking for a healthier lifestyle, breathing reminders to promote peace of mind, and basically a super cute miniature iphone on your wrist. I haven’t fully explored the benefits of the activity tracking over any other device like the fitbit but what I’ve noticed so far is instead of focusing on step counting, it’s more focused on goals for moving, exercising, and standing throughout the day. I do enjoy the breathing reminder because sometimes I just forget. Especially when I am super frustrated with something at work, 1 minute of controlled breathing can be just as powerful as an hour of yoga.

Also, the unexpected benefits. I probably pick up 50% more phone calls because the device is strapped to my person at all times. Because of my general irreverence for personal gadgets, I leave my phone all over the place. If I’m out and about, I never hear it ringing buried deep inside of my purse. My husband is probably the most appreciative of this side benefit.

Finally, it’s so much cuter than I thought it would be. I have a pink sports band and a taupe sports band that pretty much go with everything. It might not be a classic beauty but it is certainly “trending”. Did I use that term right?!