I give this place an overall rating of A-. While I maintain that this is a great hotel, our experience has declined as of late. When we first visited the Andaz Maui in 2014, it was brand spanking new. They set obscenely high standards and treated everyone like royalty. A few years later and I understand when you are at full capacity that not everyone can be a princess anymore.

I get it but at the same time I don’t like it. Especially since I chose this place to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for the most important day of my life. Yes, we got married here in 2015 and it was completely perfect. And now, I expect to be treated like royalty every time I return. Unreasonable? Perhaps. But reason has little to do with anything.

Despite my disappointment this time around, it is still a beautiful property and the food is superb (specifically Morimoto and Ka’ana Kitchen). Our routine is to lounge by the pool for hours on end sipping smoothies.

All photo credit goes to my husband Tommy! Happy 2 Years!