Let me make this really short. Believe it or not water bottles are in right now. Along with yoga and fitness and dietary restrictions. I first saw the BKR water bottle on goop.com where most things are wildly expensive and pretentious. Then I saw it at Neimen’s, much of the same. And then I saw someone with one at yoga. So I had to have one. Usually by the time products make it to me they aren’t “trending” anymore. The trend has already happened and now they are mainstream. Which I suspect is the case with the BKR water bottle.

In any case, it’s a glass water bottle with a silicon cover in bright, pastel colors. It’s very simple. What’s so special about it? Nothing. That’s what’s special. No water filter, no fruit infuser, no extreme insulation capabilities. It’s just a water bottle that you fill with water and drink out of. It happens to be pretty, has a nice weight to it because it is glass and the top screws on easily and has a little handle to make it easy to hold or clip to something. The end. The rest of the post is just me practicing my photography.


puppy for scale.