Some things cannot be written about. Some things cannot be expressed in a way that does them justice. Some things are just too wonderful to document. It has been two months since I returned from the most wonderful trip of my life and I have writer’s block! How is that possible? I have so many things to say, that I have nothing to say.


My mother and I went on a yoga retreat in the South of France. Yes, this is a thing. If you are wondering, what is a yoga retreat? Before I went on this trip I couldn’t have told you. I can’t stress enough how little research I did on this whole thing.

Ill-advised as it may seem, the universe rewarded me for my fortitude! However it happened, I ended up on the most epic trip of my life and all lives in the history of all mankind.

See? I am reduced to juvenile hyperbole.

We had two 90-minute yoga sessions per day. Our instructors taught Katonah yoga based principles (whatever that means). We stayed at a retreat in Provence surrounded by vineyards. We had a beach day in Los Porquerolles. We had an excursion day at Gorges du Verdon. We had a wine tasting from a local winemaker. We chilled by the pool. We ate gourmet vegetarian meals. We had a lovely time. Now I resort to gross understatement.

Words can’t express these kinds of things right? Why bother.

If these photos seem too magical to be real, that is the point. THERE ARE NO WORDS. To answer the question, what is a yoga retreat in the South of France? Just magic.