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HelloFresh Meal Three

HelloFresh Pork Chops with Grape Salsa

Flavor: 4 | Ease: 5 | Dirty Dishes: 4 | Price for first week: $29

One of my favorite things about these meal services is that it makes a well rounded meal without you having to buy tons of groceries. Each package is perfectly portioned and contains a good protein, vegetable, starch, and garnish/sauce.

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HelloFresh Meal Two

Back again to report on the second of three meals delivered for my first week of HelloFresh. The first was a success. Delicious, well rounded, and simple to prepare. Let’s take a look at the next shall we?

HelloFresh: Seared Steak and Nectarine Salad


Flavor: 3 | Ease: 5 | Dirty Dishes: 3 | Price for first week: $29

This was the meal I was most excited about but unfortunately the flavor fell a little flat. My favorite bites were the ones that had the sweet nectarine, but the vinaigrette was overpowering and the steak was a bit chewy.

Having said that, I think that the idea was good and the recipe could be improved with a bit of tweaking. I will say that I am starting to get used to the neatly packaged and perfectly portioned ingredients.

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HelloFresh Meal One

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I am extremely susceptible to marketing schemes. And lately, my facebook feed has been flooded with HelloFresh, Blue Apron, HomeChef, and so on and so on. Apparently this is the new way to cook dinner! The reason that this appeals to me is because grocery shopping appropriately for two people is actually quite difficult. I despise freezing food and I don’t like buying meat or fish more than 2 days before I’m going to cook it so I end up at HEB nearly every other day.

Having said that, I don’t have a really compelling reason to try any of these services EXCEPT that they are all offering crazy discounts for your first week! So I have decided to do an experiment for my benefit and for all of you out there that are curious about these offerings. I’m going to get a heavily discounted first week for several of these meal plans and report out on my findings. Week 1: HelloFresh!

HelloFresh: Pan-Seared Chicken


Flavor: 5 | Ease: 5 | Dirty Dishes: 4 | Price for first week: $29

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