I have to admit that I am a bit of a mess around celebrities. Even minor celebrities turn me into a moron. My first celebrity sighting was in Seattle at the Whole Foods in South Lake Union. Spotted by her unforgettable scar, I saw Padma Lakshmi perusing the aisles with her posse. Knowing that Top Chef’s next season was supposedly in Seattle, I put the pieces together and thoughtlessly started following her through the produce section. I know this sounds completely crazy but what can I say, I wasn’t thinking and I was just so damn curious. Anyway, the madness was quickly ended when I heard a “move along ladies” from her entourage, indicating that I wasn’t the only one in this starstruck stupor.

My second celebrity sighting, again in Seattle, was at the Boeing Museum of Flight. Clint and Stacy happened to be filming an episode of what not to wear and while I was whispering (shouting) “do you know who that is!??!” to my companion, I got a huge “SHHHHHHHH” from someone on the set. Not my proudest moment.

But this one might be the most embarrassing of all seeing as there were no actual celebrities present, only their amazing furniture and a smiling cardboard cutout. Still, I had the same feeling of overwhelming giddiness and rapid loss of rational thought. Chip and Joanna Gaines are my heroes. I love Joanna’s style and the two of them are just the perfect couple. So when the long awaited Magnolia Furniture line was finally released at Star Furniture, I made the trip.

I gushed at the very first display that I set eyes on and pretty much never recovered. While, I did consider many other pieces and decor, I ended up purchasing that very first dining set. Sometimes when you spend so much time loving a certain designer and staring at pictures on tv and online, you can end up disappointed by product in person. But this was not the case. I love Fixer Upper, I love the Gaines Family, I love Magnolia Farms, I love Magnolia Furniture, and I freakin love this table!


Our dining room is sizeable. It has 16 foot ceilings and as you can see a huge blank white wall yuck! We plan on putting some art there but first things first.



These chairs are awesome. It’s strange that quaker style seems so old fashioned but then you see it in a well decorated home and it looks elegant. The great thing about these chairs is that the seats are wood but the backs and legs are metal giving a bit of a modern twist but the same classic look.





Cute details like the drawers with cup pulls and the plaques for Magnolia Homes just make it feel special. Can’t wait to throw our first Christmas dinner in our formal dining room.