The day is finally here! We’ve been waiting for this day since last July. But really I’ve been waiting for longer than that. For every rent check I’ve ever paid, for every deposit I’ve ever lost, for every wall I couldn’t hang a picture on. This is my reward. And without further ado….


A beautiful day for moving! I know I’m biased but I think the front is breathtaking! The brick was completely different than I imagined but it’s perfect.

Let’s go inside…


The front door opens into a rotunda. It’s pretty empty now but I’m excited to decorate over time.

12891625_592685534229106_8133515118865534546_o.jpgThis is the best part of the house. The kitchen opens up into the family room and features a huge island. I also love how the entire back wall of the house is just windows, letting in a ton of natural light.

12322699_592685284229131_4981429012321639162_o.jpgFor those of you who have followed my marble shenigans, here is the final product! Don’t worry, you’ll get to see more in my special kitchen post.

12671698_592685470895779_3842923627523590735_oMaybe this is a little too personal, but here is the current state of our master bedroom. My two favorite things about this room right now are the tv mounted on the wall for maximum space efficiency and our new Parachute sheets. More about that in another post too.


This shower is my sanctuary. It is a spa in my own home. There’s both a rain showerhead and a regular showerhead. And you can have them both on at the same time!


And finally the backyard. This is the last of the tour for now. I’ll show before and afters of every room as I get the funds to decorate them all! Are you as excited as I am?!?! Probably not but that’s ok.