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Tulum’s Hartwood: a sumptous jungle escape

Ah Hartwood. The little gem in the jungle. Smoke rising from the wood burning oven. Trees hanging over rustic tables. People chattering about their good fortune to snag a reservation. The name Hartwood is only one that I heard recently through Camille Styles blog. My husband and I so happened to be traveling to Tulum to shoot a wedding video, and so I read about this restaurant, lovingly owned by an expat couple living in Mexico. A celebration of local ingredients and culture.


From my experience, there are two different ways to do Tulum. One, the vegan, boho experience where you stay in an outdoor cabana, do yoga in the morning, and reflect on the universe. And two, the luxury experience where you stay indoors, shop for expensive linen shirts, and eat at Hartwood.

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