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Happiness Part Two: It’s Not What You Have

In the first post in the series, I started talking about budgeting and the impact it had on my life. In this post I’m going to talk about debt. As Daniel Kahneman says, “money does not buy you…happiness, but lack of money certainly buys you misery”. My grandmother always warned me against debt. For as long as I can remember, she spoke of it with the disdain you would expect when discussing murder or arson or high fructose corn syrup. So early in my adult life, I refused to get a credit card. I paid for everything with a debit card, straight from my bank account. That worked for awhile. But then there were bigger purchases to make. A car, tuition, a wedding, finally a house. And nobody pays for those things in cash right? Everyone has student loans. Everyone has a car payment. Everyone has a little bit of credit card debt.

And that’s how it got out of hand.
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Happiness Part One: It’s Not Where You Live

In the last two years I have gone from my 3200 sqft dream home, to a 1600 sqft townhome, to a 700 sqft single bedroom apartment. The original point of this post was to show our new shoebox apartment and what I’ve done to make it feel cozy and comfortable. But as I start writing, I realize that there is a more important topic here that trumps interior design.
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The London Tour Continues

For my readers, the dozens of you (Dozens!) that enjoyed my London Walking Tour post, this is the next chapter in that series. I anticipate it being a never-ending series as I can’t imagine a day where the pleasures of London have all been discovered. This time, my walk brought me along the North Bank of the Thames as I made my pilgrimage to Hyde Park. Let’s explore some of the sights along the way.
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The Family Ramen

My family is a food-loving one. Our best moments together are characterized by slurping and lip-smacking and involuntary noises of satisfaction (I’m talking about you Greg). So it’s only fitting that our gift to ourselves this year was a three day ramen-making endeavor led by our very own Master Kenny, my cousin.

In spite of the long and arduous process or perhaps because of it, it is one of my favorite Christmas events in recent memory. We laughed, we cried, we went on spontaneous bubble tea runs (you know, to stay hydrated). And after this experience I have learned something most important when making ramen. Making it alone would be near impossible. Making it with someone you don’t like very much would be unbearable. So make it with people you love.
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