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DIY Marble Place Card Holders

This is my first “original” DIY project. I’m still a novice in the DIY world so I started with something with a low risk of failure or injury. When they installed the marble countertops in our kitchen I made sure to ask them to save the cutouts for the sink, knowing that I might want to use it for a project some day. This project requires a few things:

  • Dremel tool with x saw
  • 12 1″x2″x1″ pieces of carrara marble
  • gold leaf paint
  • paint brush

I had a larger piece of marble to start with which I had a friend cut into pieces with a tile cutter. If you don’t have access to one you might be able to go to a local fabricator. Once you have the pieces, you’ll use the dremel tool to cut a notch through the top of the marble. This will be the slot where you set your place card. Because I don’t have a fancy work table, my dad built me this little jig to keep the marble steady while I made the cut.


That was all just the preparation. Now for the fun part. This is actually my first time working with gold leaf paint. This entire project was inspired by this Lauren Conrad project. Gold and carrara marble goes great together!
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First Weekend List

Each night and weekend in my free time, I have taken to sitting on the couch with my husband and surfing the web on my ipad. It’s a fairly erratic series of clicks between pinterest, facebook, a series of shopping apps, a handful of blogs, and any links that cross my path in between. With all the hours of clicking, what a shame for that to go to waste!

Here is a list of this weeks findings of amazing things that I will temporarily yearn for, decide are not worth the money, and then eventually forget about:

  1. Beautiful vases from Canvas home.

  2. The Minimalist Watch by Original Grain. I don’t even wear watches! Why do I want this???

  3. perfect Carry-on by Arlo Skye.

  4. Bralette from Lively

  5. Completely out of stock ridiculously cute lipstick by Kailijumei.

Full disclosure, more than one of these things came from my Facebook targeted ads. To all the people selling things out there, I am extremely susceptible to marketing of any kind. Just as an indication, I started buying that blue bunny ice cream right after that huge tv campaign started. Yum!

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My New Favorite Sheets: Parachute Review

New house. New bed. New sheets! As all things and industries are being disrupted, so is the sheets industry. Companies like brooklinen and parachute are making high quality household items simple and reasonably priced. You might scoff at the $320 price tag for a set of sheets, pillow cases, and duvet cover, but you would be surprised at the the range when it comes to luxury textiles.
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Photography 101: Pet Edition

Our family grew this year by one. One puppy that is. Yes, we are a family of five but three are furry and four-legged. To show how important they are to us, today I dedicate this post to them. And at the same time I’ll talk a little bit about my slightly improving photography and editing skills. If you are one of those people skilled in photoshop, you will laugh at my discoveries, but if you are brand new, hopefully this helps you with some really simple tasks.

Child #1: Katsu

I adopted Katsu on my own in college. I love animals of all kinds and as I have learned, a cat is the perfect companion when you are on your own and don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to them every waking moment. I adopted him as an adult, so he was mostly self-reliant.

Katsu is a little bit of a jerk. His default expression is a glare and he craves attention only on his own terms. But he is definitely the best and most handsome cat in the world.


Photo Tip: I edited this photo entirely in Lightroom and all I did was crop it and use the “Split Tone 1” preset. Did you know that in Lightroom you just press “R” to crop or adjust the alignment of a photo?
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